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Sewage Clean Up And How To Handle It

Flooding in your home is bad enough, but sewage based flooding adds a much greater degree of difficulty to the clean up process.  Sewage clean up is, in most cases, best left to the professionals.flood_cvgc.jpg

Unlike many other spills, where it really does become a matter of wiping up the water and drying everything out, sewage contaminates everything it touches almost instantly, and brings with it parasites and toxins that can prove harmful and even deadly if exposed to or consumed by humans and animals.

In addition, sewage accelerates the appearance of mold, which typically appears within 48 hours of a water damage event, but can show up sooner in cases where sewage damage is involved.  Mold establishes quickly, spreads rapidly, and can prove almost impossible to remediate.  Mold also brings with it various harmful toxins that can produce health reactions ranging from the mild to the severe.Mold_Removal.jpg

If your home has been invaded by sewage based flooding, your best move is to contact a qualified professional to deal with it.  Your local IICRC certified water damage restoration company is available 24/7 and can have someone out to your home at any hour, even if that hour is 2AM on a Sunday.

Their staff of trained professionals are proficient on all the latest water damage repair tools and procedures, and they offer a complete range of services designed to not only repair your home, but restore it as well.

They can also work along with your insurance provider and claims adjuster to make sure everything is covered and the process proceeds smoothly and efficiently.


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