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Mold Remediation

I am often asked “what are the best mold remediation products?”  and “what are the mold remediation cost?” The first question is kind of sillyMold_Removal.jpg because there is no product that can remediate mold. Bleach can kill mold but does not remove it or the hazard of it from your home. Mold remediation cost can vary but mold is often expensive to remove. Much of the cost associated with removing mold has to do with the very strict handling and disposal of the material. OSHA considers toxic mold a hazardous material, not much different from medical waste. Safeguards most be in place to protect the workers such as Haz-Mat suits and respirators. Neighbors need to be protected from airborne toxic spores and the removed material must be disposed of in accordance with state and federal law.

If you suspect that your home may have toxic mold I strongly suggest you hire a professional to do the mold cleanup and mold removal. These pros have years of experience and mold remediation training. Removing mold is not something you want to learn as you go. Black toxic mold is not the kind of problem you can solve with bleach and scrub brush. Trust me when I tell you to contact a professional mold remediation specialist. This stuff is a killer.



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