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Our 60 minute response time area is marked in the blue area above - we have technicians ready to be dispatched for immediate response and service.

Flooded Basement Emergencies

If you have a flood in your basement or home right now, please call the number above to have a technician come out and give you a free estimate within the hour! Time is of the essence to prevent mold growth, and we have technicians on call 24/7/365.

flooded_basement.jpgNearly every homeowner will experience some form of water damage, and if you have a cellar or basement, those odds increase by quite a bit. In fact, studies have concluded that 98% of all basements have, or will experience flooding at some point in the future. A flooded basement may be caused by any number of issues - cracks in the foundation, inadequate drainage, broken seals around windows, burst pipes; but fortunately for you, regardless of the cause, water restoration has been refined to somewhat of an exact science.

To restore a flooded basement, you’ll need to determine where the water is coming from and either plug it, shut it off, or do whatever it takes to stop it. Cleaning up will do you no good if more water comes in to replace it.

Shut off all electricity to your basement. You don’t want to be standing in six inches of water when the power comes back on. Trust me.

Repairing Your Flooded Basement

Water removal will need to be performed on the area using pumps or wet-dry vacs. Which one you use depends on the depth and severity of the spill. Avoid electric pumps, for obvious reasons, and under no circumstances should you use a regular household vacuum cleaner to try and remove water. You'll only end up buying a new vacuum cleaner.

Secondary drying should be done through the use of air circulators such as air-movers, fans, blowers or dehumidifiers. The more units you can acquire, the better you will be able to completely dry affected areas. Be sure to move the units around every few hours to ensure complete and total drying coverage. Ensuring that the affected area is completely dry is a must, as it will reduce the chance of mold growth. Renting a moisture level reader is a good idea so that you can ensure that even hidden moisture is dried out completely. If you do find mold, call a professional to deal with it immediately (as it brings with it all kinds of health hazards from the slight allergic reaction to more serious cases such as lung disease).

basementFlood_sump.jpgWhen pumping water of any depth out of a basement, you want to proceed slowly but methodically. Pumping the water out too fast may result in uneven pressure which could weaken structural members, making the walls prone to collapse. Pump the water out at the rate of about a third a day and everything should be fine.

Flood Prevention Tips

Obviously, a waterproof basement is ideal, and you should check now, before you have a problem, for any cracks in the concrete or foundation, broken window seals, and make sure the surrounding landscape has adequate runoff and natural drainage. You may also want to install a sump pump or sump pit to take care of any water accumulation before it becomes a problem. If you do opt to install a sump pump, be sure to maintain it per the instructions. Sump pump failure is a common occurrence and can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Contact the Flood Professionals

If you are worried that you may not be able to properly extract and dry all of the moisture, or you would rather have a one year guarantee on the work and rest assured that mold growth will not be a future issue, then call us at the number above. We offer a complete range of services to meet all of your basement flooding needs, from water extraction and removal to carpet cleaning and mold removal. We offer free estimates and in the case of an emergency can have a technician out to your home within the hour.

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