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Hurricane Irene Emergency Flood Response

If your property has been damaged by Hurricane Irene, call us now. We have technicians standing by 24/7 ready to take your call and provide a complimentary on-site estimate. It is imperative that the damage be taken care of promptly and properly to avoid mold growth and further structural damage, increasing repair costs drastically.

Hurricane Irene, the first major hurricane of the 2011 hurricane season, is also shaping up to be the single most destructive storm to strike the Eastern Seaboard in more than a half century.  Not since Hurricane Hazel in 1954 has the threat of flood damage and destruction been so widespread.

WATER DAMAGE.jpgIrene intensified to a strong Category 3 storm after pounding the Bahamas and the Caribbean, leaving behind uprooted trees, downed power lines, as well as entire neighborhoods that were simply swept away.  In Nassau, police cars were left awash in four feet of flowing water, and more than a million people in Puerto Rico were left without power.

And that was only the prelude.  Irene moved into the open sea, setting her sites on the North Carolina coast, and predicted to make a sharp northward turn that would affect every coastal state from the Carolinas to Maine.  Although weakened to a Category 2 storm, Irene is still packing sustained winds over 100 mph, and a record setting storm surge of between 10-15 feet is expected.  This will cause massive flooding well inland.

Governors in North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York have already declared states of emergency in advance of Irene's arrival, with New York particularly concerned about heavy flooding in the NYC subway system, as well as windows being blown out of skyscrapers.

housepic.jpgBoat owners along the eastern coast are encouraged to move their boats out of the path of this storm, and evacuations are continuing along the North Carolina coast and Outer Banks.

Irene is expected to come ashore sometime early on Saturday, and will move up the coastline, affecting New Jersey and New York by Sunday.

Residents in the path of this storm are encouraged to leave before conditions deteriorate.  Riding out a hurricane is not advised. In addition to risk of personal injury or death, rescue services may not be able to reach you if you do have an emergency.

Water Damage Local.com has licensed, IICRC certified water damage restoration providers standing by to take your call and arrive at your property within 30 minutes to provide a complimentary estimate. We offer a full range of services designed to handle even the biggest water damage issues, to remove the water, dry everything out, and return your home to its pre-loss condition.  All of our work is 100% guaranteed for one year, so you can rest assured of a job done right.

If your home went a few rounds with Irene and lost, we have technicians in your area who can take care of the problem.  Contact us today and let us get started on your home or business!


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