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Repairing Flood Damaged Carpet

Flood Damaged CarpetDealing with wet carpet is a pain.  Even walking across a wet carpet in socks is enough to make you irritable; now imagine how you’d feel if you suddenly came home to carpet inundated with water.  Not only is the carpet affected, but everything under it as well.

Well, rest easy.  You don’t have to replace carpet when it gets wet; in fact, if it’s been wet for two days or less, it is in all likelihood salvageable.  Just take the proper steps and treat it correctly.

One qualifier: if the carpet has been contaminated by sewage related water, go ahead and discard it.  The possible health issues are too numerous and serious to ignore.

For starters, take the carpet up.  All of it.  Remove and discard all wet or damaged padding.

Clean the floors with detergent solution and bleach and allow to thoroughly dry before relaying any carpet.  This will minimize odor or mildew within the house.  Remove baseboards to check within the walls for any untreated water problems.

Professional Carpet CleaningUse a wet-dry vac to pull as much water as possible out of the carpet.  To remove the remaining moisture, open all windows and doors to circulate air, and use fans and blowers directed at the carpet to facilitate drying.  Use dehumidifiers to remove residual moisture in the air.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.  Steam cleaning is preferred.

Have the carpets professionally re-laid.    

Contact your local water damage repair company for a complete range of water extraction, drying, carpet cleaning, and restoration services.  They are available 24/7 for prompt, courteous service.

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