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Flood Cleaning Insurance And What It Offers

One of the age old questions for many homeowners is “does homeowners insurance cover flooding and flood cleaning?” followed closely by “what does flood insurance cover?”…and like any insurance, coverage and rates vary from state to state. 385_flood03.jpg

The answer to the first question is “no”, flooding is not covered by your normal homeowners insurance policy.  Flooding insurance can be obtained for an additional premium, but may not be available in all areas.  You should always check before moving into an area to make sure the area you are going to be living in is not located on a flood plain or in a flood zone.  Flood zones typically mean higher rates or worse, no policy offered at all.

If you do find that policies on flooding are offered, do your homework, as no two policies are the same.  Be sure you get coverage designed to take care of both structural damage and damage to the contents of the home.   Just having structural coverage means you will be paying out of pocket for the loss of the home’s contents.

What about cases where land is lost as a result of flooding?  In most cases, not all, you will be covered for flooding that results in septic overflows, drainage backups, property sinking, and so forth.  It is always advisable to take plenty of pictures and video for insurance purposes, keep all receipts, and record serial numbers.Daytona-Beach-Sewer-Backup-Cleanup-386-202-4031-163014_image.jpg

If the flooding is the result of leaks, or structural compromise in your home, chances are slim that a claim can be successfully made.  If the problem can in any way be traced back to neglect on the part of the homeowner, then the claim will be denied.

So when it comes to flood insurance, doing your homework becomes a priority.


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