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Superstorm Sandy Emergency Flood Cleanup

If your property has been damaged by Superstorm Sandy, call us now. We have technicians standing by 24/7 ready to take your call and provide 60-minute response with a complimentary on-site estimate. It is crucial that the damage be taken care of promptly and properly to avoid mold growth and further structural damage, increasing repair costs drastically.

Satellite imagery of Hurricane Sandy as it moves up the east coast.

Hurricane Sandy, the largest storm of the 2012 season, has damaged far more homes than last year's devastating Hurricane Irene. The experts are calling it "Frankenstorm" due to the fact that it is actually a culmination of three different storm systems that have merged into one large system. If you look at satellite imagery of the storm, you can put the size of the storm in perspective; if you were to overlay its clouds on top of the US, it would cover the entire southeast region. Sandy is massive.

Torrential rains caused massive flooding in the Bahamas.The news is not all bad, however; fortunately, Sandy was only a category 1 hurricane and slowed down to a post-tropical cyclone before landfall, so while the damage was significant, it could have been much worse. The severity of the storm seemed to have peaked as it carved a destructive path of eastern Cuba. It reached category 2 as it made landfall and left 31 dead and thousands relocated. Over a thousand homes were destroyed and damages are estimated to take around $5 million to repair.

In the neighboring Dominican Republic, the storm displaced over 12,000 people and forced schools to be closed due to power outages. The storm continued to pummel the Bahamas throughout the morning on Friday, with torrential rains sparking mudslides and massive flooding.

Update (10/30/12 10:24 AM ET)

Flooding on the streets of New Jersey.The worst of Sandy has passed and the Superstorm is slowly retreating. Millions have been left without power and there is massive flooding still in some areas. It was reported that early Tuesday morning, a levee break along the Hackensack River caused people to evacuate from the area and as much as six feet of water has been reported in the area.

Not only did Sandy cause massive flooding and wind damage, but with it came large amounts of snow in WV and MD. Early reports state that up to 26 inches of snow has fallen in western Maryland and the snow continues to fall. We will keep updating as more reports come in, this is a truly massive storm system.


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